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St. John’s University’s Softball program has enjoyed a rich and storied history, dating back to 1981. Over the last 30 years, the program has made great strides from its very humble beginnings.

Evolving through the conferences and leagues

In the early years of the program, St. John’s competed as part of the N.Y.S.A.I.A.W. Division I and would go on to compete as part of the East Coast Athletic Conference (ECAC) and the Big East Conference.

Change has also been a part of Red Storm softball in regards to the team nickname, as the ladies were known for years as the Regals, and even the Express in the mid 1990’s. Around 1995, the program joined the rest of the athletic department in the unified tradition of the St. John’s Red Storm.

Red Storm softball has seen an evolution of its home field as well. Known for years as Regal Field, St. John’s hosted the 1995 Big East Tournament on campus. The field adopted the moniker of “Red Storm Field” in 1998. The following season, St. John’s spent the entire year playing on the road and the following two seasons playing at Mitchel Field on the campus of Nassau Community College while the current field was being constructed. May of 2001 saw the first weekend of action at present-day Red Storm Field, and the Red Storm finished the 2001 season with 30 victories, the second highest total at the time (1990 – 32 wins). The team was led by the pitching duo of Gina Calabrese and Courtney Fitzgerald. Calabrese holds the St. John’s career record with 129 appearances, 553 strikeouts and 77 complete games. Fitzgerald holds St. John’s career records in wins (59), innings pitched (711.2), shutouts (21), and games started (102). Fitzgerald’s laundry list of awards include being named to the NFCA Division I Mid-Atlantic Region First Team in 2003.

Significant moments in St. John’s Softball History

  • 1980-81: First season as a Division I varsity Sport.
  • Record: 11-10, trip to New York State Softball Tournament
  • 1981-82 season: 17-11 overall record, N.Y.S.A.I.A.W. (New York State Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women) Division I State Softball Tournament Champions
  • Along with UConn, only team to make it to first three Big East Tournaments
  • May 5, 2001 – first doubleheader played at new softball facility. 30 Red Storm victories marked second highest total in program history, second only to 1990 (32 wins). Team led by Gina Calabrese, Courtney Fitzgerald.

Significant players in St. John’s Softball History

  • Virginia “Ginny” Peiser - Pitcher
    • 1982: 10 appearances, 2.11 ERA, 3-6, 56.1 IP, 9 K/26 BB
    • High School: St. Francis Prep – MVP Jr & Sr year; SJU MVP Sophomore year
  • Lisa Scandaglia - Pitcher
    • 1982: 14 appearances, 1.28 ERA, 8-3, 92.2 IP, 24 K/30 BB
    • High School: 4 years all city – Yonkers, 4 years all conference, 3 years All County – Westchester
  • Kelley Camp – 2B
    • 1982: .330 avg, 23 runs scored,
  • Pat Girvan – C
    • 1982: .323 avg, 17 runs scored, 28 RBI, 4 triples, 3 HR
  • Robin Gutkowski – SS
    • 1982: .326 avg

Coaching history at St. John’s Softball

  • Marnie Dacko, 1981-84
    • 39-45, .464 winning percentage
  • Tammy Zazuri, 1985 – 91
    • 158-139-2 record
    • 105-72-2 record from 1988-91
    • Four straight 20-win seasons (1988-91)
    • Four straight winning seasons, 1988-91
    • 1990: Best season to date, 32-17 (.653), finished third at ECAC playoffs
  • Robert Pinto, 1992
    • Record: 25-21-1, .532 percentage
    • 1992 Big East Regular Season Runner-Up
  • Patricia Burnside, 1993 – 96
    • 1993: Record: 11-25.
    • 1994: Record: 18-23.
  • Third ever appearance in Big East tournament.
    • 1995: Record: 24-30
  • Missed the Big East Tournament for second year in a row. Set team records for batting average (.276) runs scored (200) and total hits (387)
    • 1996: Record: 4-34, .105 winning percentage
    • Overall record: 57-112 (.337 winning percentage)
  • Kim Staehle, 1997 - 99
    • 1997: Record: 16-29 (.356)
  • Melody Cope, 2000 -
    • 2000 Record : 26-24
  • Amy Kvilhaug, 2007 – Present
    • Record at St. John’s : 267-344-1

Significant Awards in St. John’s Softball History

  • 1990 : Patty Brooks, First-team All-Conference
  • 1992: Sonni Lee and Tara Felix, First-team All-Conference. Tara Felix – Player of the Week (March 31). Dawn DiGianno (Player of the Week, April 20. Pitcher of the Week, March 31).
  • 1994: Tara Felix, First-team all-conference. Pitcher Melissa Byrne, Catcher Jennifer Parez, 1B Linda Snyder, OF Nicole Tanzillo, All-Conference second team. Melissa Byrne (Pitcher of the Week, March 29).
  • 1995: C Maddy Sandoval, 1B Linda Snyder, Second team all-conference
  • 1997: Sue D’Ambrosio (Big East All-rookie team). Melissa Valencia and Liz Stanton (All-Big East Second Team). Liz Stanton, Pitcher of the Week (March 31).
  • Jo Sherlock, NFCA Mid-Atlantic Region Second team selection in ’05, First team in ’06. Big East Honor Roll March 6.
  • Megan Oliver, All-Big East Third Team, Big East Academic All-Star 2005; Big East Honor Roll, March 12 2006.
  • Allina Sanz, All-BIG EAST Third Team, BIG EAST Academic All-Star, 2005.
  • Lisa Geer, Big east Pitcher of the Week, March 27, Big East Honor Roll, April 10, 2006

Big East Academic All-Stars

  • 1989-90 : Donna DosAnjos, Tami Weber
  • 1990-91 : Donna DosAnjos, Sharon Zollo
  • 1991-92 : Dawn DiGianno, Jennifer Lee, Song “Sunni” Lee
  • 1992-93 : Cheryl Dumas, Jennifer Gentile, Jennifer Lee
  • 1993-94 : Jennifer Gentile, Melissa Matroz, Nikki Tanzillo
  • 1994-95 : NONE
  • 1995-96 : Bonnie Cohen, Barbara Coughlan, Christine Coughlan, Sherry Reill, Patricia Reiners, Angelica Rosales, Madeline Sandoval, Liz Stanton, Melissa Valencia, Megan Wiechowski, Lilah Wilson, Kimberly Woolman
  • 1996-97 : Jennifer D’Ambrosio, Susan D’Ambrosio, Paula Migliore, Sherry Reill, Angelica Rosales, Madeline Sandoval, Liz Stanton, Melissa Valencia, Lilah Wilson


  • Regals – 1987 - 95
  • Express
  • Red Storm - 1995 - Present


  • Regal Field 1995 - 98
    • Hosted 1995 Big East Tournament
  • Red Storm Field, 1998 - Present
  • 1999 Season – Entire season played on the road while facilities were renovated
  • May 2001: First doubleheader played at new facility
  • Mitchel Field
    • 2000 and 2001

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Our plan is simple: continue to grow the tradition of St. John's Softball and provide the future of our sport with the greatest opportunities to compete nationally and represent our special university with pride. Below are some photos of the facility we are looking to build with the funds raised.

Phase I Goal (purchase the initial materials & start project) = $30,000



Batting Tunnels


The facility would provide year-round batting practice as well as pitching lanes.


Locker Rooms


The new facility would provide a dedicated softball locker room and meeting place.


Quality Construction


The galvanized steel structure provides 100% useable space and is maintenance-free for 30 years.


Sample Floor Plan


The versatile structure provides many options ideal for developing player skills and team chemistry year-round.


Aerial View


This aerial view shows the proposed location of the facility, conveniently located near beloved Red Storm Field.


Red Storm Field


Beloved Red Storm Field, home of St. John's University Softball team, was built in 1998.

Questions & Answers

Will $30,000 cover the cost of the entire project?

No, this is just a starting point. This will cover the cost of the initial materials. The 100-Out Game is just one part of our fund-raising efforts.

Are there naming opportunities for this project?

Yes. Information to follow.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Absolutely. Upon making your donation, you will be provided with a receipt containing information about your contribution. We actually also have a matching gift program in the event your company participates in matching gifts.

What is the project's timeline?

The project timeline is incumbent upon how quickly we can raise the minimum amount of funds necessary to begin the project. Once we reach $30,000 we will have a more clear picture on the actual plan for the facility.

Do the players have their own locker rooms now?

Currently our athletes share locker room space with the women’s soccer team up in Carnesecca Arena. Having a locker room space of our very own within this facility would provide our student-athletes with a place to store equipment and their gear right at Red Storm field.

Where do the players train now in the winter?

Currently our student-athletes are training in facilities located in Carnesecca and Taffner Arena. While this space is very nice and sufficient to train most times, the issue lies within the many teams battling for facility space in the winter and in the crux of basketball season. Basketball is kind enough to share their facility space, however it is understandably at the will of their practice and schedule. We also utilize the Auxilary Gym in Carnesecca to hit and pitch, however we must also share this with several sports, cheerleading, dance, and university events. This can make for a tight window for our athletes to train in. With our new hitting facility our athletes will not only have preferred practice times within the construct of our schedule, but also a place to train on their own time if wanted without having to worry about others utilizing the space.

What's the best way to stay in touch on the progress of this project?

Continue to check either or this website for updates. Please also follow us on Twitter for updates on the project and other current happenings.

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The players on the St. John’s softball team don’t just have a winning season on their minds this fall. While preparing for the upcoming 2014 season, the Red Storm is also focusing on fundraising and community service.

The squad was at Red Storm Field on Saturday, Sept. 14, not to compete, but to host an All-Skills Youth Clinic to help kids ages 8-17 improve their softball knowledge and work on their hitting, pitching and fielding skills. Hosting the clinic also allowed the program to take its first step in the fundraising process as the squad looks to raise money to construct an indoor hitting facility.

The clinic was a beneficial experience for both the campers and the St. John's players. While the players had fun working and talking with the campers, the campers enjoyed learning and having a chance to interact with Division I collegiate softball players. In addition, the coaching staff was able to instruct players who seek to play at a high level and possibly be a part of the Red Storm family one day.

There was a lunch break halfway through the clinic and many of the older campers used the opportunity to talk with the Red Storm coaches and players and ask questions about competing at the college level.

As the clinic came to an end and the campers were sent home, the St. John’s coaching staff and players all talked about how much they enjoyed the day and how it was fun to give back to girls that look up to them.

Junior outfielder Ellen Czuba said, “It was cool to work with kids who looked up to us and it was a good reminder that we are lucky to be here and be a part of the program.”

Sophomore outfielder Yvonne Rericha had the same feelings as Czuba.

“Getting to work with the campers was extremely fun and rewarding! I remember how much I looked up to college players at the softball camps I went to when I was young, so it was fun to give back after all these years,” Rericha explained. “We are also very excited about taking the first step in raising money for the new batting cage.”

As much as the players and staff loved working with the young athletes, the thought of getting a new indoor facility hadn’t left their minds.

“It will be a huge asset in the winter or on rainy days when facility space is scarce in Carnesecca Arena. This would be a place that we could call our own,” said head coach Amy Kvilhaug as she expressed her feelings of excitement about a new indoor facility.

Power hitters Erin Burner and Jackie Reed also commented on the advantages of having a new hitting facility.

“We need an indoor facility because the weather here doesn’t always hold up and it’s difficult for every player to get the work they need with the current indoor options,” said Burner. “Being able to practice and work on our swings all year long would be a huge benefit.”

Reed was passionate about the prospect of getting a place dedicated to the softball team.

“It’s important for us to have our own hitting facility because right now we have to share the indoor space with other teams and that doesn’t always allow us to get the time we need,” Reed commented. “With our own facility, we would never have to worry about the indoor spaces being used by other teams. We want to take the time to work hard and get better and our own facility will best allow us to reach our goals as a team.”

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Hello friends and family of the St. John’s Softball Program,

The St. John’s University softball program is launching a fundraising campaign this fall in which we plan to utilize all dollars raised to purchase an indoor hitting cage adjacent to our softball field.  The winters in NYC are not only the most critical time of year for team training, but also the most difficult to train in from a weather standpoint.  With the construction of a modest indoor facility utilized just for softball, we will be able to consistently train around our student-athletes’ needs without having to deal with scheduling issues in other facilities.

For the eighth year in a row, our student-athletes will be participating in our annual 100-out game on October 11 at Red Storm Field as part of the campaign. We are asking companies, alumni, family and friends of the program to sponsor the program either per out or simply by sending in a flat fee donation.

The 100-out game is a wonderful event in which we are able to benefit both on the field and financially.  On the field, the 100-out game is conducted as a simulated scrimmage/situational practice while off the field we are receiving donations from generous, sports-minded folks looking to assist in the development of the St. John’s softball program.  Your donation will greatly benefit not only the team this season but for many seasons to come. This is only one way we are fundraising, and we will continue to accept donations until we reach our goal.

We are starting with a goal of $30,000 and hope that you can assist us in achieving it!  All donations are tax-deductible.

Donations can be made online or by mail. Thank you so much for your support!

Amy Kvilhaug
Head Softball Coach

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We value your support and your ideas. Please connect with us using the contact form below.